Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

14k Gold Cushion Signet Ringyellow gold, Monogramyellow gold, Graduation Ringyellow gold, Alternative Wedding Bandyellow gold, Initial Ring



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**PRODUCT yellow goldDETAILSGraduation yellow goldRing, yellow goldAlternative yellow goldWedding yellow goldBand, yellow goldInitial yellow goldRing14K yellow goldYellow yellow goldGold yellow goldSignet yellow goldRingAvailable yellow goldin yellow gold14K yellow goldRose, yellow goldYellow, yellow goldand yellow goldWhite yellow goldgold.**PERSONALIZATIONEngraving yellow goldis yellow goldoptional. yellow goldYou yellow goldmay yellow goldchoose yellow goldto yellow goldengrave yellow goldyour yellow goldinitials yellow goldin yellow goldany yellow goldstyle yellow goldthat yellow goldyou yellow goldprefer. yellow goldPlease yellow goldsend yellow goldme yellow golda yellow goldphoto yellow goldof yellow goldwhat yellow goldyou yellow goldwould yellow goldlike yellow goldengraved yellow goldor yellow goldI yellow goldcan yellow goldengrave yellow goldrings yellow goldin yellow golda yellow goldsimilar yellow goldmonogram yellow goldstyle yellow goldto yellow goldthe yellow goldring yellow goldin yellow goldthe yellow goldphoto. yellow gold**PRODUCT yellow goldQUALITYAleha yellow goldJewelry yellow golduses yellow goldsolid yellow gold14K yellow goldgold, yellow goldnatural yellow goldgemstones, yellow goldand yellow goldgenuine yellow golddiamonds yellow gold(both yellow goldraw yellow goldand yellow goldpolished.)**SHIPPING:Aleha yellow goldJewelry yellow goldis yellow goldcustomized yellow goldand yellow goldhandmade yellow goldto yellow goldorder. yellow goldPlease yellow goldallow yellow goldapproximately yellow gold7-10 yellow goldbusiness yellow golddays yellow goldfrom yellow goldthe yellow goldday yellow goldyour yellow goldorder yellow goldwas yellow goldplaced yellow goldand yellow goldadditionally yellow gold3-5 yellow goldbusiness yellow golddays yellow goldto yellow goldbe yellow goldshipped.All yellow goldmerchandise yellow goldwill yellow goldbe yellow goldshipped yellow goldthrough yellow goldEMS yellow gold(Express yellow goldMail yellow goldService) yellow goldand yellow goldwill yellow goldbe yellow goldprovided yellow golda yellow goldtracking yellow goldnumber.With yellow goldmultiple yellow goldpurchases, yellow goldyou yellow goldwill yellow goldonly yellow goldbe yellow goldcharged yellow goldfor yellow goldshipping yellow goldonce.**RETURNS/EXCHANGESDue yellow goldto yellow goldthe yellow goldnature yellow goldof yellow goldhandmade yellow goldjewelry, yellow goldeach yellow goldorder yellow goldis yellow goldmade yellow goldto yellow goldorder yellow goldand yellow goldcustomized yellow goldto yellow goldthe yellow goldcustomer. yellow goldTherefore, yellow goldAleha yellow goldJewelry yellow goldcannot yellow goldaccept yellow goldreturns. yellow gold yellow goldExchanges yellow goldare yellow goldmade yellow goldcase yellow goldby yellow goldcase yellow goldand yellow goldin yellow goldspecial yellow goldcircumstances. yellow goldPlease yellow goldcontact yellow goldus yellow goldfor yellow goldfurther yellow golddetails.

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