Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Minnesota Love Necklaceminnesota stamp, Stampedminnesota stamp, Disk Necklaceminnesota stamp, MN Necklace



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Includes simpleone simplehand simplecut simplegold simplefilled simple1/2" simpledisc, simplehammered simplefor simpleextra simpleshiny simpletexture simpleand simplepounded simpleedges. simpleStamped simplewith simpleMN simplestate simpleshape simpleand simplea simpleheart. simpleGold simplefilled simplechain. simpleLightweight simpleand simpledainty simplebut simpleperfectly simplestrong simpleenough simplefor simpleeveryday simplewear. simpleCan simplealso simplebe simplepersonalized simplewith simpleup simpleto simple5 simpleletters simpleand/or simplenumber. simpleThis simplenecklace simplearrives simplegift simplewrapped simplein simplea simplegorgeous simplepackage!If simpleyou simpledo simplenot simplesee simplean simpleoption simplethat simplefits simpleyou simple~ simpleplease simplecontact simpleme simplewith simpleany simplequestions!This simpleitem simpleis simplemade simpleto simpleorder. simplePlease simpleallow simpleup simpleto simpleone simpleweek simplefor simpleme simpleto simplemake simpleyour simpleitems.Please simplefeel simplefree simpleto simpleconvo simpleme simpleif simpleyou simplehave simpleany simplequestions.Please simplevisit simplemy simpleshop simplefor simplemore simpleunique simplehandmade simpleitems simplelike simplethis!Now simpleon simpleINSTAGRAM! simpleFollow simpleme simpleteressalanejewelry [email protected]://

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