Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pendant for mother, MOM Hand Stamped Sterling Silver Necklace With Heart Pendant Artist Made OOAK On Sterling Silver Chain Great Mothers Day Gift For Mum



In stock



My mum presentone mum presentof mum presenta mum presentkind mum presentdesign mum presentoriginally mum presentcarved mum presentfrom mum presenta mum presentblock mum presentof mum presentwax mum presentand mum presentcast mum presentin mum presentto mum presentthis mum presentpretty mum presentlittle mum presentpendant. mum presentIt mum presentis mum presentabout mum present1" mum presenttotal mum presentin mum presentlength mum presentand mum presenttotally mum presentsolid mum presentthroughout. mum presentCast mum presentin mum presenttop mum presentquality mum presentSterling mum presentSilver.The mum presentlight mum presentmatte mum presentfinished mum presentheart mum presentsits mum presentin mum presentit's mum presenthigh mum presentpolished mum presentframe mum presentwith mum presenta mum presentcarved mum presentbackground mum presentand mum presenthand-stamped mum presentwith mum presentMOM mum presenton mum presentthe mum presentheart.Ships mum presenton mum presenta mum presentSterling mum presentSilver mum presentsimple mum presentoval mum presentlink mum presentchain mum presentincluded mum presentin mum presentyour mum presentchoice mum presentof mum present16" mum presentor mum present18". mum presentPuffy, mum presentTiffany mum presentstyle, mum presenteasy mum presentto mum presentuse mum presentlobster mum presentcatch.Item mum presentis mum presentfinished mum presentand mum presentready mum presentto mum presentship! mum presentA mum presentreally mum presentnice mum presentgift mum presentfor mum presentthat mum presentspecial mum presentMommy mum presentin mum presentyour mum presentlife. mum presentThank mum presentfor mum presentlooking!IMPORTANT mum presentSHIPPING mum presentINFORMATION mum presentBELOW, mum presentPLEASE mum presentREAD:US mum presentORDERS-My mum presentcart mum presentis mum presentset mum presentto mum presentship mum presentitems mum presentUSPS mum presentFirst mum presentClass mum presentMail. mum presentYou mum presentwill mum presenthave mum presenta mum presentoption mum presentat mum presentcheckout mum presentto mum presentupgrade mum presentto mum presentUSPS mum presentPriority mum presentMail mum presentif mum presentyou mum presentlike.Tracking mum presentand mum presentinsurance mum presentis mum presentincluded mum presentin mum presentboth. mum presentI mum presentwill mum presentnot mum presentbe mum presentresponsible mum presentfor mum presentitems mum presentthat mum presenthave mum presenta mum presentconfirmed mum presentdelivery.First mum presentClass mum presentmail mum presentis mum presentestimated mum presentat mum present3-5 mum presentbusiness mum presentdays mum presentbut mum presentcan mum presentbe mum presentup mum presentto mum present10+ mum presentdays mum presentin mum presentrare mum presentcases. mum presentOf mum presentcourse, mum presentweather mum presentand mum presentholidays mum presentcan mum presentalso mum presentplay mum presenta mum presentrole mum presentin mum presentadding mum presentadditional mum presentdays mum presentto mum presentyour mum presentshipping. mum presentPriority mum presentmail mum presentis mum presentgenerally mum present1-3 mum presentbusiness mum presentdays.I mum presentdo mum presentmy mum presentvery mum presentbest mum presentto mum presentmake mum presentsure mum presentyour mum presentpackage mum presentwill mum presentarrive mum presentsafely mum presentand mum presentquickly. mum presentPlease mum presentunderstand mum presentthat mum presentonce mum presentit mum presentleaves mum presentmy mum presenthands mum presentI mum presenthave mum presentno mum presentcontrol mum presentof mum presentexactly mum presentwhen mum presentyour mum presentitem mum presentwill mum presentget mum presentto mum presentyou. mum presentYou mum presentwill mum presentbe mum presentable mum presentto mum presentcheck mum presentthe mum presentstatus mum presentof mum presentyour mum presentshipping mum presentwith mum presentthe mum presenttracking mum presentinformation mum presentyou mum presentwill mum presentreceive mum presentonce mum presentthe mum presentitem mum presenthas mum presentleft.INTERNATIONAL mum presentORDERS-I mum presenthave mum presentremoved mum presentInternational mum presentshipping mum presentfrom mum presentmy mum presentcart mum presentbut mum presentam mum presenthappy mum presentto mum presentship mum presentto mum presentmost mum presentlocations mum presentas mum presentlong mum presentas mum presentyou mum presentcontact mum presentme mum presentfirst.Please mum presentdo mum presentnot mum presentmake mum presentthe mum presentpurchase mum presentof mum presentyour mum presentdesired mum presentitem mum presentbefore mum presentcontacting mum presentme.Convo mum presentme mum presentyour mum presentfull mum presentaddress mum presentand mum presentthe mum presentitem/items mum presentyou mum presentare mum presentinterested mum presentin mum presentso mum presentthat mum presentI mum presentcan mum presentcalculate mum presentexact mum presentshipping mum presentand mum presentset mum presentup mum presenta mum presentspeciallisting mum presentfor mum presentyou. mum presentI mum presentwill mum presentONLY mum presentsend mum presentInternational mum presentby mum presentway mum presentof mum presentUSPS mum presentPriority mum presentthat mum presentincludes mum presentinsurance mum presentand mum presenttracking.

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