Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

brooch, Vintage sterling silver Danmark pin Brooch Stunning Gold Leaf



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Beautiful broochsterling broochsilver broochgold broochleaf broochpin broochbrooch broochmade broochby broochDenmark. broochMeasures brooch2.5 broochinches broochin broochlength. broochSee broochSterling broochstamp broochon broochback. broochAsk broochme broochfor broochFREE broochGIFT broochWRAPPING broochThank broochyou broochso broochmuch! broochAll broochsales broochare broochfinal- broochhappy broochshopping brooch!*** broochPlease broochlet broochme broochknow broochyour broochphone broochnumber broochto broochinclude broochfor broochinternational broochtracking broochas broochrequired broochfor broochshipping brooch. broochI broochcombine broochshipping, broochso broochif broochyou broochpurchase broochmore broochthan broochone broochitem broochfrom broochmy broochstore, broochI broochwill broochrefund broochyou broochthe broochshipping broochdifference broochafter broochI broochcalculate broochactual broochshipping! broochThank broochyou! broochNorththreads

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