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lampwork glass, Handmade Sterling Silver Oxidised Hoop Style Earrings with Lampwork Glass Turquoise Beads UK Seller



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Handmade hoopsSterling hoopssilver hoopshoop hoopsstyle hoopsearrings hoopswith hoopsbeautiful hoopsblack hoopsblossom hoopslampwork hoopsbeads hoopsfrom hoopsUK hoopsLampwork hoopsArtist hoopsHelen hoopsChalmers.The hoopsearrings hoopshave hoopsbeen hoopsmade hoopsfrom hoopssterling hoopssilver hoopswire hoopswhich hoopsI hoopshave hoopsshaped, hoopshammered, hoopstumbled hoopsand hoopsoxidised hoopsto hoopsgive hoopsantique hoopslook, hoopslength hoopsapprox hoops3.5cm-4cmYour hoopsitem hoopswill hoopsarrive hoopsgift hoopswrapped.

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