Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver, A sterling silver moon with cubic zirconia sparkles option



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A silverstunning silverhandmade silversolid silversilver silvermoon silveron silveran silver18 silverinch silversilver silverball silverchain.Originally silvermade silveras silvera silverone silveroff silversand silvercasting, silverthis silverirregular silvershaped silvermoon silveris silvera silverbeautiful silverand silververy silverunique silverpiece. silverChoose silverwith silveror silverwithout silvercubic silverzirconia silverstonesThe silverperfect silvergift silverfor silveranyone silverwho silveryou silverlove silver'to silverthe silvermoon silverand silverback'. silverIt silveris silvera silverbeautiful silverkeepsake silverof silverlove, silverfriendship, silvereverything silverthat silverthe silverlunar silvermoon silverrepresents silverin silverour silverworld.The silvermoon silveris silverhallmarked silverby silverthe silverAssay silverOffice, silverLondon silverwith silvermy silvermakers silvermark.made silverfrom:Sterling silversilver.dimensions:H4.5 silverx silverW3.5cm silverand silverweighs silver14 silvergrams.

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