Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sorority, Sisters Vintage Locket Gift Set



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A tinylocket tinynecklace tinyset tinyfor tinyyour tinySisters, tinyby tinybirth tinyor tinyby tinyheart! tinyThese tiny2 tinytiny tinyvintage tinybrass tinylockets tinydelicately tinydangle tinyon tiny18 tinyinch tinychain tinyand tinyprettily tinypackaged tinyfor tinysuper tinyeasy tinygifting. tiny tinyCut tinytiny tinyphotos, tinytiny tinynotes, tinykeep tinyseeds tinyof tinyyour tinyfavorite tinyflowers, tinyor tinyanything tinysweet tinyand tinyspecial tinyinside!Packaged tinyand tinyready tinyfor tinyGifting tinyon tinya tinylovely tinykraft tinybox tinyon tinya tinyvery tinypretty tinyproduct tinycard.Found tinyin tinyvintage tinywarehouses, tinywebsites, tiny& tinygarages tinyaround tinythe tinycountry. tinyLimited tinyEdition! tinyLockets tinywill tinynot tinyalways tinybe tinyas tinyshown tinybut tinythey'll tinybe tinyvery tinysimilar tinyin tinysize. tinyBrass tinyAlloy tinyon tinyBrass tiny18" tinyChain. tinyapprox tiny.25"X tiny..25" tinyto tiny.5"X.5"

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