Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ivory, 3 Beautiful long strands vintage faux pearl necklaces Rose Gold & Ivory



In stock



Set jewelryof jewelry3 jewelryquite jewelrylong jewelryvintage jewelryRose jewelrygold jewelryand jewelryivory jewelrylong jewelryfaux jewelrypearl jewelrystrands jewelryset jewelryof jewelrythree, jewelryplease jewelrysee jewelrypictures jewelryfor jewelrylengths jewelryand jewelrydetails jewelry. jewelryOne jewelryvintage jewelryclasp jewelryon jewelrythe jewelryrose jewelrygold jewelryneeds jewelrytlc jewelrybut jewelryworks jewelryto jewelryclose. jewelryAsk jewelryme jewelryfor jewelryFREE jewelryGIFT jewelryWRAPPING jewelryThank jewelryyou jewelryso jewelrymuch! jewelryAll jewelrysales jewelryare jewelryfinal- jewelryhappy jewelryshopping jewelry!*** jewelryPlease jewelrylet jewelryme jewelryknow jewelryyour jewelryphone jewelrynumber jewelryto jewelryinclude jewelryfor jewelryinternational jewelrytracking jewelryas jewelryrequired jewelryfor jewelryshipping jewelry. jewelryI jewelrycombine jewelryshipping, jewelryso jewelryif jewelryyou jewelrypurchase jewelrymore jewelrythan jewelryone jewelryitem jewelryfrom jewelrymy jewelrystore, jewelryI jewelrywill jewelryrefund jewelryyou jewelrythe jewelryshipping jewelrydifference jewelryafter jewelryI jewelrycalculate jewelryactual jewelryshipping! jewelryThank jewelryyou! jewelryNorththreads

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