Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

color change, GIA certified 3.69 carat color changing Alexandrite



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Shape: gia alexandriteCushion gia alexandriteWeight: gia alexandrite3.69 gia alexandriteCt.Measurements: gia alexandrite8.74x7.62x6.68Clarity: gia alexandriteCat gia alexandriteeye gia alexandriteTreatment: gia alexandriteNone, gia alexandrite100% gia alexandriteNatural gia alexandriteGIA gia alexandrite#51828117564I gia alexandritehave gia alexandritemounting gia alexandriteavailable gia alexandritefor gia alexandritethis gia alexandritestone, gia alexandriteincluding gia alexandriteRings gia alexandriteand gia alexandritePendants, gia alexandriteplease gia alexandritecontact gia alexandriteme gia alexandritefor gia alexandritemore gia alexandritedetail.Sincerely!Master gia alexandriteJeweler

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