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stocking stuffer, Madonna and Christ Child Vintage Pendant



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This vintage religiousis vintage religiousa vintage religiousvintage vintage religiouspendant vintage religiousof vintage religiousthe vintage religiousMadonna vintage religiousand vintage religiousChrist vintage religiouschild. vintage religiousAlthough vintage religiousI vintage religiousam vintage religiousuncertain vintage religiousas vintage religiousto vintage religiousits vintage religiousexact vintage religiousage, vintage religiousI vintage religiousbelieve vintage religiousit's vintage religiouscirca vintage religious1930s. vintage religiousThe vintage religiousframe vintage religiousis vintage religiousa vintage religiousbase vintage religiousmetal vintage religiousand vintage religiousI vintage religiousbelieve vintage religiousthe vintage religiousfront vintage religiousis vintage religiouscovered vintage religiouswith vintage religiousa vintage religiousplastic.The vintage religiouspendant vintage religiousmeasures vintage religious3/4" vintage religiousacross, vintage religiousnot vintage religiousincluding vintage religiousthe vintage religiousbale.Thank vintage religiousyou vintage religiousfor vintage religiouslooking.

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