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beachy, Aqua Leverback Earrings Matte Glass Teardrops and Peridot Swarovski Crystals - Aqua Earrings



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Matte coastal earringsglass coastal earringsteardrops coastal earringsin coastal earringsa coastal earringspretty coastal earringsbright coastal earringsaqua coastal earrings coastal earringscolor. coastal earrings coastal earringsSterling coastal earringssilver coastal earringsbeadcaps coastal earringsand coastal earringsspacers. coastal earrings coastal earrings coastal earringsAccented coastal earringswith coastal earringsaquamarine coastal earringsAB coastal earringsSwarovski coastal earringscrystals. coastal earrings coastal earringsNickel coastal earringsfree coastal earringssilver coastal earringsplated coastal earringsleverbacks. coastal earringsThese coastal earringsmeasure coastal earrings1 coastal earrings7/8 coastal earringsinches coastal earringslong.

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