Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

fresh water pearls, Zipper Pull Pearl Drops



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Delicate dangling pearlsclusters dangling pearlsof dangling pearlsfresh dangling pearlswater dangling pearlspearl dangling pearlsbeads dangling pearlsstrung dangling pearlson dangling pearlsgold-toned dangling pearlswires dangling pearlsdangle dangling pearlscoquettishly dangling pearlsfrom dangling pearlsgold-toned dangling pearlszipper dangling pearlspulls. dangling pearlsWear dangling pearlswith dangling pearlsall-black dangling pearlsfor dangling pearlsa dangling pearlsdramatic dangling pearlseffect, dangling pearlsor dangling pearlsfunk-up dangling pearlsa dangling pearlspair dangling pearlsof dangling pearlsjeans.

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