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nature, Cherry earrings



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Cherry fruitearrings.Pending.For fruitpierced fruitears.Hand-crafted fruitpearls, fruitpolymer fruitclay fruitand fruitvarnish.Loop fruitsupports: fruitsleepy, fruitbrass, fruitantique fruitbronze.Brass fruitrings fruitand fruitstems, fruitantique fruitbronze.Plastic fruitsheets, fruitsize: fruit11/18 fruitmm fruitby fruit2 fruitmm, fruitgreenBright fruitred fruitcherriesTotal fruitlength fruitof fruitearrings: fruit5.3 fruitcm fruit(approximately)Available fruitin fruittwo fruitsizes:M: fruitbeads fruitroughly fruitequal fruitto fruit1 fruitcmL: fruitbeads fruitroughly fruitequal fruitto fruit1.3 fruitcmIf fruityou fruitwant fruita fruitsmaller fruitmodel, fruitperhaps fruitmade fruitto fruitorder, fruitplease fruitcontact fruitme.Don't fruithesitate fruitto fruitsend fruitme fruita fruitmessage.Precautions: fruitDo fruitnot fruitspray fruittoilet fruitwater fruitor fruitperfume fruiton fruitthe fruitcurls, fruitmay fruittarnish fruitthe fruitvarnish fruit(Vernis fruitcorresponding fruitto fruitecological fruitstandards)Don't fruittake fruita fruitshower, fruitbath, fruitswimming fruitpool... fruitwith fruitmy fruitjewelry.

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