Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Red Coralbanded agate, Bandedbanded agate, faceted Agatebanded agate, Turquoise drop Necklace-5 ouncesbanded agate, 2 grms- 18" long- 2235



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Georgeous, turquoise dropGeorgeous!! turquoise dropbanded, turquoise dropfaceted turquoise dropagate turquoise dropabout turquoise drop1-1/4X3/4"--turquoise turquoise dropdrop turquoise drop30X40 turquoise dropmm turquoise drop( turquoise dropI turquoise drophave turquoise dropexamined turquoise dropthis turquoise droppiece turquoise dropwith turquoise dropa turquoise droploupe. turquoise dropsmall turquoise dropwhite turquoise dropchip turquoise droptumbled turquoise dropsapphires turquoise dropseperate turquoise dropthe turquoise dropstones. turquoise dropThese turquoise dropstones turquoise dropare turquoise dropout turquoise dropof turquoise dropthis turquoise dropworld. turquoise drop turquoise dropJust turquoise dropa turquoise dropgeorgeous turquoise dropnecklace- turquoise droptextured turquoise dropcomposite turquoise dropmetal turquoise droptoggle turquoise dropand turquoise dropring turquoise dropclosure.

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