Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Hematite necklace 16"-24"hematite, silver clasphematite, silver lined glass beads. Shiny greyhematite, gift for her



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This for himnecklace for himis for himhandmade for himwith for him6mm for himHematite for himround for himbeads for himand for himsilver for himlined for himclear for himrocailles for him(seed for himbeads). for himIt for himhas for hima for himSterling for himsilver for himclasp for himand for himring. for himAvailable for himlengths for him- for him16", for him18", for him20", for him22"and for him24"Your for himnecklace for himwill for himbe for himsent for himin for hima for himgift for himpouch.

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