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geology, Southwest 'Scapes 40 Combination Pin/Pendant



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"Southwest brooch'Scape brooch40" broochis broochfitted broochwith broocha broochlocking broochbar broochpin, broochbut broochalso broochcomes broochwith broocha broochplastic broochsleeve, broochso broochthat broochthe broochpin broochcan broochbe broochconverted broochto broocha broochpendant, broochdoubling broochyour broochpleasure! brooch(photo broochshows broochtypical broochinstallation broochof broochlocking broochbar broochpin broochwith broochplastic broochsleeve broochon broochback broochof broochpin) broochCrafted broochfrom broocha broochpalette broochof broochdozens broochof broochcolors broochof broochpolymer broochclay, broochblended broochand broochlayered broochfor broochdimensionality broochand broochcontrastEach broochpiece broochis broochgiven broocha broochdistinctive broochname, broochand broochthis broochone broochis broochpart broochof broochmy broochseries broochentitled brooch"Mesa broochSeries", broochwhich broochreflects broochmy broochinterpretation broochof broochthe broochgeology broochand broochlandscape broochof broochthe broochAmerican broochSouthwest.Dimension: brooch1.25" broochby brooch2" broochoval broochpolymer broochclay broochdisk

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