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poetry, Unique Haiku Pendant



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Unique polymer clay“Haiku” polymer clayPendant polymer clayThis polymer claypolymer polymer clayclay polymer claycovered polymer clayglass polymer clayvial polymer claypendant polymer claycontains polymer clayan polymer clayassortment polymer clayof polymer clayalphabet polymer claybeads polymer clayinside, polymer claywith polymer claywhich polymer clayto polymer claymake polymer clay“Haiku”, polymer claya polymer clayform polymer clayof polymer clayJapanese polymer claypoetry. polymer clayHaiku polymer claypoets polymer clayare polymer claychallenged polymer clayto polymer clayconvey polymer claya polymer clayvivid polymer claymessage polymer clayin polymer clayonly polymer clay17 polymer claysyllables polymer clay(but polymer claywho’s polymer claycounting!?) polymer clayThe polymer claypendant polymer clayis polymer clayapproximately polymer clay17” polymer claylong polymer clayincluding polymer claythe polymer claycord, polymer clayor polymer claysupply polymer clayyour polymer clayown polymer claychain. polymer clayBored polymer claywaiting polymer clayat polymer claythe polymer clayairport polymer clayor polymer claysupping polymer claya polymer clayLatte polymer clayat polymer clayStarbucks? polymer clayHave polymer clayextra polymer claytime polymer clayat polymer claylunch? polymer clayCreate polymer clayHaiku!

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