Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

huge antique scottish agate cabochonagate,



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hi, repairthis repairis repaira repairhuge repairagate repaircabochon, repairwhich repairhas repairbeen repairremoved repairfrom repairan repairantique repairScottish repairbroochmeasures repair3.5cm repairdiameterthere repairis repaira repairtiny repairchip repairon repairone repairedge, repairand repairwhen repairthe repaircab repairwas repaircut, repairit repairappears repairto repairhave repaira repairsmall repairnatural repaircavity, repairwhich repairsome repairancient repairjeweller repairdecided repairto repairfill repairwith repairsomething, repairI repairthink repairshellac. repairit's repairnot repairnoticeable repairfrom repairthe repairtop repairof repairthe repairstone, repairhowever. repairthank repairyou repairfor repairlooking, repairand repairany repairquestions, repairplease repairask!

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