Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

butterscotch amber, Amber face choker-Unique!



In stock



Butterscotchbernstein amber jewelryis amber jewelrycurrently amber jewelryvery amber jewelrymuch amber jewelryin amber jewelrydemand, amber jewelryhere amber jewelrywas amber jewelrycarved amber jewelryout amber jewelryof amber jewelrysuch amber jewelrya amber jewelryreal amber jewelryamber amber jewelrya amber jewelryface. amber jewelryFurther, amber jewelryhoney-yellow amber jewelryreal amber jewelryamber amber jewelrystones amber jewelrywith amber jewelryturquoise amber jewelrydrops amber jewelryand amber jewelryvery amber jewelrysmall amber jewelryturquoise amber jewelrybeads amber jewelryas amber jewelrywell amber jewelryas amber jewelrygilded amber jewelryslices amber jewelrywere amber jewelrycombined amber jewelryto amber jewelrya amber jewelryrare amber jewelryunique amber jewelryone. amber jewelryThe amber jewelryturquoise amber jewelryis amber jewelrygreener amber jewelrythan amber jewelrythe amber jewelrypicture. amber jewelryThis amber jewelryis amber jewelrya amber jewelrychoker amber jewelrythat amber jewelryalways amber jewelryfalls amber jewelryround amber jewelryand amber jewelryis amber jewelryclosed amber jewelrywith amber jewelrya amber jewelrysimple amber jewelrygold-plated amber jewelrymagnetic amber jewelryclosure.Length amber jewelryis amber jewelryapprox. amber jewelry46 amber jewelrycm, amber jewelrythis amber jewelrycan amber jewelrybe amber jewelrychanged amber jewelryfree amber jewelryof amber jewelrycharge.Amber amber jewelryface, amber jewelryhoney amber jewelryyellow amber jewelryabout amber jewelry40 amber jewelrymm amber jewelrylong amber jewelryand amber jewelryabout amber jewelry20 amber jewelrymm amber jewelryon amber jewelrythe amber jewelrywide amber jewelrysideAmber, amber jewelryhoney amber jewelryyellow amber jewelryabout amber jewelry6-7 amber jewelrymmTurquocisocation amber jewelrydrops, amber jewelrystabilized amber jewelryabout amber jewelry13 amber jewelryx amber jewelry20 amber jewelrymmTurquoise amber jewelrypads, amber jewelrystabilized amber jewelryabout amber jewelry4 amber jewelrymm

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