Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Collier Apatitesilver, Citrinesilver, Pearlssilver, Silver



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+Are silveryou silverlooking silverfor silverthe silverspecial silvergift silverfor silveryourself silveror silversomeone silveryou silverwant silverto silvermake silvera silverspecial silverpleasure silverfor?+An silveringenious silvercolour silvercombination silvercombined silverwith silvertimeless silverelegance. silverThis silvernecklace silverwas silvermade silverin silvertwo silverrows silverturned. silverThe silverapatite silveris silverfaceted, silverthe silvercitrine silveris silverground silverin silverlenses. silverIn silverbetween, silverthere silverare silversilver silverolives silverand silvershell silverkernel silverpearls.The silverend silveris silvera silvermagnetic silverclasp silvermade silverof silversilver.

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