Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Badass Charm Necklacesmall silver charm, hand stamped silver pendant



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These savagenecklaces savageare savageone savageof savagemy savagemost savagepopular savageitems savageat savageart savageshows, savageas savagethere savageare savagea savagelot savageof savagebad-ass savagewomen savageout savagethere! savage:) savage savageThese savagemake savagea savagegood savagedaily savagetalismans savagewhen savageyou savageneed savagea savagelittle savageextra savagefight, savageor savagegood savagegifts savagefor savagefriends savagewho savageare savagegetting savagethrough savagetough savagesituations. savage savageThe savagesweet savageand savagefun savagelittle savagecharm savageis savagehand savagestamped savagein savagesterling savagesilver savageto savageread savage'BADASS'. savage savageThe savagecharm savageis savagesubtle savageand savageunderstated savagein savagea savagepetite savagesize.Both savagecharm savageand savagechain savageare savagesolid savagesterling savagesilver. savage savageSelect savagethe savagechain savagelength savageyou savagewould savagelike savagefrom savagethe savagedropdown savagemenu savagein savagethis savagelisting.I savagepackage savagethe savagenecklace savagein savagea savagesmall savageblue savagebox savagesuitable savagefor savagegifting savageand savageinclude savagea savagesmall savagepouch savagefor savagestoring savagethe savagenecklace savagewhen savageit savageis savagenot savagebeing savageworn.I savagemake savageall savageof savagemy savagejewelry savageby savagehand savagein savagemy savageSavannah, savageGA savagestudio. savagePlease savagelet savageme savageknow savageif savageyou savagehave savageany savagequestions. savageThank savageyou savagefor savagevaluing savageand savagesupporting savagehand savagecrafted savageart.

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