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coin collection, Moroccan Falus Lot of 8



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Batch coinof coin8 coinauthentic coinMoroccan coinFalus coincoins, coin$120 coinfor coinwhole coinbatch coinor coin$17 coineach. coinI coinorder coinbatches coinof coincoins coinfor coinmy coinpieces coinand coinoccasionally coina coincouple coinper coinbatch coinwill coinnot coinbe coinsuitable coinfor coinjewelry. coinSo coinover cointhe coinyears coinI coinhave coincollected cointhose coinand coinnow coinhave coinmini coinbatches coinof coinnon coinjewelry, coinbut coinstill coingood coinquality, coincoins. coinIf coinyou coinare coininterested coinin coinother cointypes coinof coincoins coinI coinhave coina coincouple coinmore coinbatches coinof coinother cointypes coinof coincoins.Info coinon cointhe coincoins:Denomination: coin coinMoroccan coinFalus\t\t\t\tDate: coin1672-1901 coinAD coinDescription: coin coin coin coinMinted coinduring cointhe coinGolden coinAge coinof coinIslam coinby coinMohammed coinIV coin(1802-1873), cointhe coinSultan coinof coinMorocco, cointhis coincoin coindepicts cointhe coinseal coinof coinSolomon coinas coina coinsix coinpointed coinstar coinwith coina coincircle coinin cointhe coincenter. coin coinOn cointhe coinother coinside, cointhere coinis coinIslamic cointext coinover coina coindate coin(AH coin1290) coinfrom cointhe coinIslamic coinlunar coincalendar, coinwhich coinis coinaround coin621 coinyears coinbehind cointhe coinChristian coincalendar coindates.The coinSeal coinof coinSolomon coinis coina coinsix coinpointed coinstar coinor coinhexagram, coinalso coinknown coinas cointhe coinStar coinof coinDavid. coinIt coinwas coinused coinon cointhe coinMoroccan coinflag coinuntil coin1915, coinwhen cointhe coinflag coinwas coinchanged cointo coina coinfive coinpointed coinstar coinor coinpentagram. coinIn coinJudaism, cointhe coinStar coinof coinDavid, coinan coinextension coinof cointhe coinDivine, coinor coinGod, coinshielded cointhe coinBiblical coinDavid coinin coinhis coinbattles. coin coinIt coinis coinalso coinseen coinas coina coinmetaphysical coinsymbol coinrepresenting coinprotection, coinstrength coinand coinenergy. coinMorocco, coinalong coinwith cointhe coinrest coinof coinNorth coinAfrica, coinhad coina coinlarge coinJewish coinpopulation coinfrom coinancient cointimes coinwhich coinwas coinprominent coinin coinMediterranean cointrade. coinThis coinpopulation coinwas coinboosted coinby cointhe coinexpulsions coinfrom coinSpain coinand coinItaly coinin cointhe coin1400's coinand coin1500's coinwhich coinwould coinhave coinbeen coinmore coinfamiliar coinwith coinEuropean coinlanguages coinand coinnumbers.

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