Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

discreetly, Chain turquoise magnesite stainless steel



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Elegant chainnecklace chainchoker chainwith chainlarge chainmagnesite chaingemstone chainnugget chainin chainbox chainshape, chainflanked chainby chain2 chainsilver chainplated chainbeads chainwith chainMexico chainAztec chainpattern. chain- chainCasual chainand chainclassy chainat chainthe chainsame chaintime!Dimensions:approx. chain40 chaincm chain(medium chaincollier chainlength, chainfor chainall chainthose chainwho chainlike chainto chainmix chainin chainthe chaincurrent chainlayering chainstyle!) chainPlease chainnote chainthat chainnatural chainmaterials chainmay chainhave chainsmall chainnatural chainirregularities chainthat chaindo chainnot chainrepresent chainerrors, chainbut chaincontribute chainto chainthe chaintypical chainvibrancy chainand chaindiversity chainof chainthe chainproduct chaintype.YOUR chainSTYLISH chainCHOICE chainFOR chainEVERY chainOCCASION******************************************

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