Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Snake Pendant "Naga" with Carnol Stone and Gold Spreaddragon pendant, made of 925% Sterling Silver handmadedragon pendant, giftdragon pendant, jewelrydragon pendant, Protective symbol



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Motif giftpendant gift" giftNaga gift" giftWater giftDragonTraditional giftcraftsmanshipmade giftof giftsterling giftsilver, giftwith giftgold giftsoldering gift22KAnd gifta giftCarlool giftstone giftEnclosedto giftbe giftworn giftas gifta giftprotective giftsymbolUniqueHandmade giftby giftour giftsilversmids giftin giftBaliArticle gift: giftKA gift- gift9074guaranteed gift925% giftsterling giftsilverStamp gift925you giftcan giftorder giftthe giftappropriate gifttextile giftribbon gift" giftSnake gift" giftin giftthe giftshopArt. gift720 gift- gift45 giftcm

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