Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

modern, Pink Opal Cube Collier



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Beautiful chainnecklace chainmade chainof chaindelicate chainpink chainopal chaincubes chainin chainvarious chainshades chainand chainirregularly chainincorporated chaingold-plated chainsilver chaindiscs chainand chaincubes.The chainstones chainhad chaina chainbeautiful chainhue, chainwhich chainis chaineven chainmore chainvisible chaindue chainto chainthe chaingilded chainelements chainand chainlooks chainvery chainelegant chainbut chainnot chainkitschy.**Material:**Pinkopal925 chainSilver, chaingold-platedhigh-quality chainjewelry chainwire**Dimensions:**Cube: chain4 chainx chain4 chainmmLength: chain45.5 chaincmThe chainchain chaincan chainbe chainvaried chainin chainlength chainif chaindesired.

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