Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver, Thimble Vintage Charm In Solid Sterling Silver FREE SHIPPING! #THIM-CM9



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Vintage charmsterling charmThimble charmcharm. charmA charmnice charmaddition charmto charmyour charmcharm charmcollection.FREE charmDomestic charmShipping!Details: charmSolid charmSterling charmSilver: charm(as charmshown charmin charmpicture)Charm charmDimensions: charm5/8 charm charminch charmx charm1/2 charminchTotal charmWeight: charm2.4 charmgramsFREE charmDomestic charmShipping charmby charmUSPS charmPriority charmMail charmSignature charmConfirmation charmand charmincludes charminsurance. charmIf charmthe charmitem charmis charmto charmbe charmshipped charminternationally charmplease charmcontact charmus. charmInternational charmShipping charmwill charmbe charmUSPS charmFirst charmClass charmInternational charmand charmwill charmbe charmauto-calculated charmand charmadded charmto charmthe charmpurchase charmprice. charmPlease charmnotify charmus charmat charmtime charmof charmpurchase charmif charmyou charmare charmbuying charmmore charmthan charmone charmitem charmand charmwe charmwill charmgladly charmcombine charmshipping.7 charmday charm"no charmhassle" charmreturn charmpolicy charmmoney charmback charmguarantee. charmIf charmfor charmany charmreason charmyou charmare charmnot charm100% charmthrilled charmwith charmyour charmpurchase, charmplease charmcontact charmus charmand charmwe charmwill charmgladly charmaccept charmthe charmitem charmand charmissue charmyou charma charmfull charmrefund charmupon charmreturn charmof charmthe charmoriginal charmitem. charmWe charmwant charmyou charmto charmbe charmcompletely charmhappy charmwith charmyour charmunique charmpurchase.We charmseek charmout charmthe charmfinest charmgems charmthroughout charmthe charmworld. charmOur charmgem charmbuyer charmis charma charmGIA charmtrained charmGraduate charmGemologist charmand charmbuys charmdirectly charmin charmcountries charmaround charmthe charmworld charmsuch charmas charmColombia, charmBrazil, charmIndia, charmSri charmLanka, charmThailand, charmCambodia, charmChina, charmand charmAfrica. charmThese charmexquisite charmgems charmare charmset charmin charmbeautiful charmvintage charmjewelry charmby charmmaster charmbench charmjewelers charmand charmoffered charmas charma charmone charmof charma charmkind charmtreasure charmfor charmyour charmcollection.

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