Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

925 silver, Citrincollier with pearls very noble!



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From pear necklacefaceted pear necklaceyellow pear necklacecitrines pear necklaceand pear necklacewhite pear necklacecultured pear necklacepearls, pear necklacethis pear necklacenoble pear necklacenecklace pear necklaceis pear necklacein pear necklacebicolour. pear necklaceIn pear necklacethe pear necklacemiddle, pear necklacea pear necklacebeautiful pear necklacecitrine pear necklacependant pear necklacein pear necklacesilver pear necklaceand pear necklacesilver pear necklacegilt pear necklacewas pear necklaceused. pear necklaceThe pear necklacecitrine pear necklacecabochon pear necklaceis pear necklaceclear pear necklaceand pear necklaceset pear necklacein pear necklace925 pear necklacesilver pear necklaceand pear necklacethe pear necklacelower pear necklacepart pear necklaceis pear necklacegilded. pear necklaceSilver-plated pear necklacestainless pear necklacesteel pear necklaceslices pear necklacesupport pear necklacethe pear necklacesparkle pear necklaceof pear necklacethe pear necklacecitrine. pear necklaceThis pear necklacenecklace pear necklacefits pear necklacevery pear necklacewell pear necklacewith pear necklacea pear necklacenoble pear necklaceoutfit.It pear necklaceis pear necklaceclosed pear necklacewith pear necklacea pear necklacejewelry pear necklacecarabiner pear necklacemade pear necklaceof pear necklacesterling pear necklacesilver.Length pear necklaceabout pear necklace48cmThe pear necklacenecklace pear necklacecomes pear necklacein pear necklacea pear necklacehigh-quality pear necklacejewelry pear necklacecase.

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