Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Chain SCHUTZENGEL & GRAVUR 925 silver rose gold platedangel, angelangel, discangel, discangel,heartangel, letterangel, initial rose goldangel, plateangel, taufschmuckangel, confirmation



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\u2665 chainguardian chainangel chainwith chainheart chainplaque:\u2665 chainOn chaina chainchain*made chainof chain925 chainsilver chainrose chaingold chainplated, chainan chainangel chainpendant chain(1.50 chaincm) chaindangles chaindown.\u2665 chainthe chain925 chainsilver chainrose chaingold-plated chainpendant chain(7 chainmm) chainis chaindecorated, chainon chainwhich chaina chainheart chainor chainletter chainis chainstamped.\u2665 chainThe chainnecklace chainmeasures chain45 chaincm chainand chainis chaingold-plated chainfrom chain925 chainsilver chainrose\u2665 chainMATERIAL:\u2665925 chainsilver chainrose chaingold chainplatedPlaque: chainJust chainunder chain7 chainmm\u27b3\u2764\ufe0f\u27b3 chainPACKAGING chain\u27b3\u2764\ufe0f\u27b3We chainship chainour chainjewelry chainlovingly chainpacked chainin chaina chaingift chainbox.

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