Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

small bowl, Little Bowls - Copper and Enamel



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What herewould hereyou hereuse heresuch herea herewee herecute here\u201cLittle hereBowl\u201d herefor? here\ud83e\udd14- hereThey hereare hereperfect herefor hereholding hererings here(especially herebands).- herePretty herelittle heresalt herebowls hereanyone?- hereThey hereMIGHT here(please heredon\u2019t herehold hereme hereto herethis) herework herefor hereburning herecone hereincense...?- hereAir hereplant herehome- hereAltar hereaccessory- hereChakra herework- hereOrganizing hereall herethe heresmall herethings- hereMakes herea herethoughtful heregiftOkay, hereyou hereget hereit herealready here\u2728\ud83e\udd17\u2728Each herebowl hereis hereforged hereby herehand herefrom here18g herecopper hereand heremeasures here2.25\u201d hereacross hereand hereis here1/2 hereinch heretall hereand herehas herea hereflat herebottom herefor herestability. hereThe heretorch-fired hereenamel herefinish hereis herecreated hereone hereat herea heretime hereand heremakes hereeach herebowl hereunique. hereEach herebowl herehas herethe hereLCxBM heremark herehandstamped hereon herethe herebottom. hereSome herebowls herehave herebeen heresprinkled herewith here\u201cpixie heredust\u201d herewhich hereis herea herecombination hereof hereSterling heresilver hereand herecopper heredust herecollected hereafter heresawing. herePlease hereselect herebowl herefrom herethe heredrop heredown hereusing herethe herephoto herewith herethe herenumber here+ herecolor herethat herecorresponds herewith herethe herebowl. here*** hereHANDLE hereWITH hereCARE: here hereEnamel hereon heremetal hereis heresensitive hereto heretemperature hereextremes. here***** hereIncludes hereFREE hereUSPS herePriority hereShipping here**(An here$8.30 herevalue. hereDomestic hereorders hereonly.)

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