Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

blue, A Set of 2 Qing Dynasty Kingfisher Feather Hair Pin Antique VINTAGE Blue Chinese Ca. 1850 Coral Tian-tsui 點翠



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This vintageis vintagea vintagehair vintagepin vintagemade vintagefrom vintagelaying vintagekingfisher vintagebird vintagefeathers vintageon vintagesilver vintagemetal. vintageThe vintagetechnique vintageand vintagethe vintagebeautiful vintageblue vintagefluorescent vintagefeathers vintagewere vintagehighly vintageprized vintageand vintagesought vintageafter vintagein vintage19th vintagecentury vintageChina.Kingfishers vintageare vintagetiny vintagebirds vintageand vintageit vintagetakes vintagea vintagelot vintageof vintageskill vintageto vintageuse vintagetheir vintagefeathers vintagein vintagethis vintagemanner. vintageThe vintagetechnique, vintagecalled vintagetian-tsui, vintagemeans vintage\u201cdotting vintagewith vintagekingfishers\u201d vintageand vintageinvolves vintageadhering vintagethe vintagefeathers vintageonto vintagemetal. vintageThis vintagetechnique vintagedisappeared vintageduring vintagethe vintageChinese vintageRevolution vintagein vintagethe vintage1940\u2032s.It's vintagea vintagefabulous vintagepiece vintageof vintagehistory.Head vintagesize: vintage1 vintage1/4" vintagewide vintagex vintage1 vintage3/4" vintagelong, vintage2 vintage1/2" vintagewith vintagepin

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