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colorful jewelry, Mixed Semi-Precious Gemstone Cuff Bracelet



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Mixed gemstone cuffGemstone gemstone cuffCuff gemstone cuffBraceletMaterials: gemstone cuffmixed gemstone cuffsemi-precious gemstone cuffstones gemstone cuff-- gemstone cuffAmethyst, gemstone cuffPeridot, gemstone cuffRose gemstone cuffQuartz, gemstone cuffCitrine gemstone cuffnuggets, gemstone cuffTourmaline, gemstone cuffCarnelian gemstone cuff; gemstone cufffreshwater gemstone cuffpearls; gemstone cuffsilk gemstone cuffthreadMeasurement: gemstone cuff1.5" gemstone cuffwide, gemstone cuff6.5"- gemstone cuff7" gemstone cufflongReady gemstone cuffto gemstone cuffship.

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