Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Snap jewelrysnap ring, 5 Snap Button Ringssnap ring, wide band ringsnap ring, Snap Ringsnap ring, ring blanksnap ring, adjustable ringsnap ring, Ginger Snapssnap ring, Noosasnap ring, Noosa Chunkssnap ring, Snap Charms



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Snap snap buttonjewelry snap buttonbutton snap buttonring. snap button snap button5 snap buttonpieces snap buttonSnap snap buttonButton snap buttonRings, snap buttonwide snap buttonband snap buttonring, snap buttonSnap snap buttonRing, snap buttonring snap buttonblank, snap buttonadjustable snap buttonring snap buttonfor snap button18.5Ginger snap buttonSnaps, snap buttonNoosa, snap buttonNoosa snap buttonChunks, snap buttonSnap snap buttonCharmsQuantity: snap button snap button5 snap buttonpcsRing snap buttonblank snap buttonwith snap buttona snap buttonwide snap buttonband, snap buttonadjustable snap buttonsize. snap button snap buttonDull snap buttonsilver snap buttonin snap buttoncolor. snap button snap buttonSuitable snap buttonfor snap button5.5 snap buttonmm snap buttonsnap.Material snap button: snap button\tMetal snap buttonAlloy, snap buttonCopper(Cadmium, snap buttonlead snap buttonand snap buttonnickle snap buttonFree)Size snap button: snap button\tApprox:size snap button8, snap buttonadjustableHole snap buttonsize: snap button18mm( snap button6/8") snap buttonThickness: snap button0.8mm1 snap buttoninch snap button= snap button25.4 snap buttonmm snap buttonor snap button1 snap buttonmm snap button= snap button0.0393 snap buttoninch

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