Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

jewelry, Set of 4 Collectable Southwest Navajo Native American Sterling Silver Button Covers FREE SHIPPING! #4BUTTONS-UV2



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Collectable 925set 925of 925four 925sterling 925silver 925button 925covers 925with 925traditional 925southwest 925Navajo 925Native 925American 925designs. 925 925All 925are 925in 925fine 925working 925condition. 925 925Stamped 925"925". 925 925A 925nice 925addition 925to 925your 925Native 925American 925jewelry 925collection. 925 925Single 925price 925includes 925all 925four 925(not 925sold 925separately).FREE 925SHIPPING!Details: 925Sterling 925Silver: 925(as 925shown 925in 925picture)Approximate 925Dimension: 9253/4 925inch 925diameter 925x 9251/4 925inch 925deepTotal 925Weight 925(together): 92514.4 925gramsFREE 925Domestic 925Shipping 925by 925USPS 925Priority 925Mail 925Signature 925Confirmation 925and 925includes 925insurance. 925If 925the 925item 925is 925to 925be 925shipped 925internationally 925please 925contact 925us. 925International 925Shipping 925will 925be 925USPS 925First 925Class 925International 925and 925will 925be 925auto-calculated 925and 925added 925to 925the 925purchase 925price. 925Please 925notify 925us 925at 925time 925of 925purchase 925if 925you 925are 925buying 925more 925than 925one 925item 925and 925we 925will 925gladly 925combine 925shipping.7 925day 925"no 925hassle" 925return 925policy 925money 925back 925guarantee. 925If 925for 925any 925reason 925you 925are 925not 925100% 925thrilled 925with 925your 925purchase, 925please 925contact 925us 925and 925we 925will 925gladly 925accept 925the 925item 925and 925issue 925you 925a 925full 925refund 925upon 925return 925of 925the 925original 925item. 925We 925want 925you 925to 925be 925completely 925happy 925with 925your 925unique 925purchase.We 925seek 925out 925the 925finest 925gems 925throughout 925the 925world. 925Our 925gem 925buyer 925is 925a 925GIA 925trained 925Graduate 925Gemologist 925and 925buys 925directly 925in 925countries 925around 925the 925world 925such 925as 925Colombia, 925Brazil, 925India, 925Sri 925Lanka, 925Thailand, 925Cambodia, 925China, 925and 925Africa. 925These 925exquisite 925gems 925are 925set 925in 925beautiful 925vintage 925jewelry 925by 925master 925bench 925jewelers 925and 925offered 925as 925a 925one 925of 925a 925kind 925treasure 925for 925your 925collection.

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