Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

art deco, 9ct gold alexandrite earrings



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9ct 9ctgold 9ctalexandrite 9ctearrings 9ctand 9ct9ct 9ctgold 9ctbacksStone 9ctsize 9ctacross 9ctthe 9ctface: 9ctapprox. 9ct4mm0.4gI 9ctdon't 9ctknow 9ctif 9ctthese 9ctare 9ctreal 9ctor 9ctsynthetic 9ctPrice 9ctfor 9ctpostage 9ctis 9ctindicative 9ctand 9ctonly 9ctactual 9ctshipping 9ctand 9ctpackaging 9ctcosts 9ctwill 9ctbe 9ctcharged. 9ctAny 9ctoverage 9ctwill 9ctbe 9ctrefunded. 9ctPostage 9ctwithin 9ctAustralia 9ctwill 9ctbe 9ctvia 9ctregistered 9ctpost.The 9ctpictures 9ctform 9ctpart 9ctof 9ctthis 9ctlisting.Customs 9ctand 9ctduties 9ctin 9ctthe 9ctdestination 9ctcountry 9ctdo 9ctnot 9ctform 9ctpart 9ctof 9ctthe 9ctprice. 9ctThey 9ctare 9ctthe 9ctresponsibility 9ctof 9ctthe 9ctbuyer.

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