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yellow, Vintage Golden Yellow Flower Pin-back Brooch or Lapel Pin



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Sara flowerJewelry flowerDesign flowerVintage flowerVisions. flowerThis flowerbelonged flowerto flowermy flowergrandmother, flowerand flowerI flowercan flowerrecall flowerher flowerpurchasing flowerit, flowerand flowera flowerfew flowerothers, flowerat floweran flowerend-of-the-month flowersale flowerat flowera flowerdepartment flowerstore. flowerMy flowergrandmother flowerwas flowera flowerpainter flowerand flowershe flowerloved flowerbright flowercolors. flowerThis flowerlarge, flowermetal, flowerpin-back flowerbrooch floweris flowercertainly flowerbright, flowerbeing flowera flowersunny flowershade flowerof flowergolden floweryellow. flowerStunningly flowerattractive floweragainst flowera flowerdark flowerbackground; flowerwould flowerliven flowerup flowereven flowerthe flowermost flowerdismal flowerday. flowerThe flowerbrooch flowermeasures flower3.5 flowerinches flowerin flowerlength flowerand flowerabout flower2.25 flowerinches flowerin flowerwidth. flowerIt floweris flowerabout flower3/4 flowerof floweran flowerinch flowerthick floweroverall. flowerConverted flowerto flowermetric flowersystem, flowerit floweris flowerapproximately flower92mm flowerx flower75mm. flowerThe flowerpin-back floweris flowerapproximately flower1.50 flowerinches floweror flower40mm flowerin flowerlength. flowerAt flowerthe flowercenter floweris floweran flower8mm flowerclear flowercrystal flowerthat flowerhas floweran floweraurora flowerborealis flowerfinish. flowerIt floweris flowerin flowerextremely flowergood flowercondition.I flowerwill flowership flowerthis floweryour flowerway flowerthe flowernext flowerbusiness flowerday flowervia flowerUSPS flowerfirst flowerclass flowermail flowerwith flowera flowertracking flowerID flowernumber.Sara flowerJewelry flowerDesign. flowerYour flowerDesire floweris flowerour flowerDesign

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