Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

olivine, Resin and swarovski olivine necklace and earrings



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Resin nuggetand nuggetswarovski nuggetolivine nuggetnecklace nuggetwith nuggetsilver nuggettone nuggetfindings.Please nuggetnote nuggetthat nuggetthe nuggetresin nuggetbeads nuggetare nuggeta nuggetrecycled nuggetitem nuggetand nuggethence nuggetnot nuggetperfect. nuggetThere nuggetis nuggeta nuggetsuperficial nuggetscratch nuggeton nuggetone nuggetof nuggetthe nuggetbeads nugget(see nuggetpicture nugget3) nuggetthat nuggetdoes nuggetnot nuggetdetract nuggetfrom nuggetthe nuggetbeauty nuggetof nuggetthe nuggetnecklace.Earring nuggetlength nuggetas nuggetpictured.Price nuggetfor nuggetpostage nuggetis nuggetindicative nuggetand nuggetonly nuggetactual nuggetshipping nuggetand nuggetpackaging nuggetcosts nuggetwill nuggetbe nuggetcharged. nuggetAny nuggetoverage nuggetwill nuggetbe nuggetrefunded. nuggetPostage nuggetwithin nuggetAustralia nuggetwill nuggetbe nuggetvia nuggetregistered nuggetpost.The nuggetpictures nuggetform nuggetpart nuggetof nuggetthis nuggetlisting.Customs nuggetand nuggetduties nuggetin nuggetthe nuggetdestination nuggetcountry nuggetdo nuggetnot nuggetform nuggetpart nuggetof nuggetthe nuggetprice. nuggetThey nuggetare nuggetthe nuggetresponsibility nuggetof nuggetthe nuggetbuyer.

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