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tiffany and co, Vintage Tiffany and Co. Sterling Belt Buckle c1920's



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Vintage belt buckleTiffany belt buckleand belt buckleCo. belt buckleSterling belt bucklebelt belt bucklebuckle, belt bucklec1920's belt buckleweight belt buckleis belt buckle29.8 belt bucklegramsbuckle belt buckleis belt buckle1-3/4" belt bucklelong belt buckleby belt buckle1-1/4" belt bucklewideThe belt buckleloop belt buckleopening belt bucklefor belt bucklethe belt bucklebelt belt buckleis belt buckleless belt bucklethan belt buckle1 belt buckleinch belt bucklewide, belt buckle15/16" belt buckleacross belt buckleby belt buckle1/4"It belt buckleis belt bucklemonogramed belt buckleJRNNo belt bucklemajor belt buckleissues belt bucklewith belt bucklepiece, belt buckleno belt buckledamage belt buckleto belt bucklelistCan belt bucklebe belt bucklebuffed belt buckleout belt buckleprofessionally belt buckleif belt bucklethe belt bucklemonogram belt bucklewas belt buckledesired belt buckleto belt bucklebe belt buckleremoved.

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