Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver, 20 inch .925 sterling silver 1mm snake chain necklace Perfect for my pendants smooth shiny round lobster clasp basic



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This findings.925 findingssterling findingssilver findingssnake findingschain findingsis findings1mm findingswide findingswith findingslobster findingsclasp findingsand findings.925 findingsstamped findingshanging findingstag. findingsThis findingslisting findingsis findingsfor findingsone findings20" findingschain. findings findingsThese findingsgo findingsgreat findingswith findingsmy findingspendants findingsor findingsany findingspendant findingsyou findingsmay findingswant findingsto findingswear! findingsPretty findingsand findingssimple findingsnecklace findingsfor findingseveryday!Need findingsmore findingsthan findingsone, findingsjust findingslet findingsme findingsknow!I findingshave findingsthese findingsavailable findingsin findings16", findings18", findings20", findings22" findings24" findingsand findings30"

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