Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

retro, Audrey Hepburn INCOGNITO Resin art cuff bangle bracelet Vintage celebrity icon photo wide band lightweight photograph picture jewelry



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For audreythose audreywho audreylove audreystunning audreyjewelry! audreyFeatures audreythe audreyiconic audreyAudrey audreyHepburn audreylooking audreyover audreyher audreysunglasses...Incognito! audreyThese audreybracelets audreyare audreyreal audreyconversation audreypieces! audreyGlassy audreyresin, audreydurable audreyand audreywaterproof. audreyRounded audreycuff audreystyle audreywith audreyopen audreysection audreyattached audreyby audreyadjustable audreyhook audreyclosure. audreyLength audreyis audreyapprox. audrey6.5" audreyaround audreynot audreycounting audreyopen audreysection...Measures audreyabout audrey1 audrey1/4" audreywide audreyand audrey8.25" audreyaround. audrey audreyI audreyhave audreythese audreyin audreytons audreyof audreydesigns! audrey audreyI audreyhave audreythe audreymatching audreypendants audreyas audreywell!Makes audreya audreygreat audreygift audreyfor audreyall! audreyI audreycan audreymake audreyas audreymany audreyas audreyyou audreywould audreylike! audreyTONS audreyof audreyother audreydesigns audreyavailable, audreyI audreycan audreyeven audreymake audreythese audreywith audreyYOUR audreyphoto!

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