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Vintage Chunky A-Symmetric Lucite Bangle In Ice Tea & Frosted Champagne Tones



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A chunky Asymmetrical Bangle in tones of rich ice tea and pale champagne - the paler parts have a frosted effect, like bubbles under the surface. It took me a while to work out whether or not this is a deliberate part of the design or crazing due to age. See last photo for clearest capture of this, where the light hits the bracelet from just the correct angle. A wonderful addition to any vintage collection or outfit! Measurements: Inner circumference 8.3 inches(almost 21 cm)The bracelet is in fair condition for it\u2019s age with just a few minor scuffs & is priced accordingly. Lucite was first marketed by DuPont in 1937 and began to appear in costume jewellery soon afterwards. Like Bakelite, it is a thermoset plastic. Lucite could be moulded, cast, laminated, inlaid and carved. Although in its original state it is clear and colorless, it could be tinted any colour.Good pieces are very collectible and sought after by collectors to this day.

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