Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

italy, Italian Beaded Necklace



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Italian beadsBeaded beadsNecklace beads(made beadsin beadsItaly beadson beadsthe beadsclasp) beadsapprox. beads17.5cm beads(shortest beadsstrand)Screw beadson beadsearrings beadsare beadsczechoslavakian beads(still beadstagged)There beadsis beadsanother beadspair beadsshown beadswith beadshooks beadswhich beadsI beadsmade beadsto beadscolour beadsmatch beadsthe beadsnecklace. beadsI'm beadsthrowing beadsthese beadsin beadsas beadspart beadsof beadsthe beadsprice.Price beadsfor beadspostage beadsis beadsindicative beadsand beadsonly beadsactual beadsshipping beadsand beadspackaging beadscosts beadswill beadsbe beadscharged. beadsAny beadsoverage beadswill beadsbe beadsrefunded. beadsPostage beadswithin beadsAustralia beadswill beadsbe beadsvia beadsregistered beadspost.The beadspictures beadsform beadspart beadsof beadsthis beadslisting.Customs beadsand beadsduties beadsin beadsthe beadsdestination beadscountry beadsdo beadsnot beadsform beadspart beadsof beadsthe beadsprice. beadsThey beadsare beadsthe beadsresponsibility beadsof beadsthe beadsbuyer.

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