Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

red, Flights of Fancy - Red Glass and swarovski spacer necklace



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Red redglass redand redswarovski redspacer rednecklace redand redearrings redNecklace redlength redapprox. red23.5cmEarrings redas redin redphoto'sThis redis redthe redfirst redof redmy red"Flights redof redFancy" rednecklaces red- redthese redare redthe rednecklaces redyou redmake redon redthose redcold redwinter rednights redwhile redwatching redtv redand redcombine redbeads redin redfanciful redcreationsPrice redfor redpostage redis redindicative redand redonly redactual redshipping redand redpackaging redcosts redwill redbe redcharged. redAny redoverage redwill redbe redrefunded. redPostage redwithin redAustralia redwill redbe redvia redregistered redpost.The redpictures redform redpart redof redthis redlisting.Customs redand redduties redin redthe reddestination redcountry reddo rednot redform redpart redof redthe redprice. redThey redare redthe redresponsibility redof redthe redbuyer.

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