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old fashion, Aviva Vintage Old Fashion Radio Enamel Money Clip 100-12



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Vintage browngold browntone browncloisonne brownmoney brownclip brownfeaturing brownan brownold brownfashion brownradio. brownThese browntie browntacks brownwere brownmade brownin brownthe brown1960s brownand brown1970s. brownThis brownpiece brownmeasures brown brown26x48mm.These brownwere brownmade brownin brownthe brown1950s, brown1960s brownand brown1970s. brownSome brownpieces brownare brownstamped brownor brownlabeled brownwith browna browndate, brownsome brownas brownold brownas brown1958. brownThe brownback brownstamp brownreads brown"Aviva brownTaiwan" brown"\u00a9 brownUnited brownFeatures"These browncome brownfrom brownan brownextensive browncollection brownfrom brownan brownestate brownsale. brownCheck brownback brownoften, brownthere brownis browna brownvery brownwide brownselection brownof browncharms brownas brownwell brownas brownearrings, browntie browntacks, brownpins, brownclutch brownpins brownand brownbracelets. brownMore brownlistings brownwill brownbe brownadded brownas brownthey brownare brownphotographed.*These browncharms brownare brownbetween brown40 brownand brown60 brownyears brownold, brownand brownprevious brownto browncoming brownto brownlive brownwith brownme brownthey brownwere brownnot brownstored brownin browna browntemperature browncontrolled brownsetting. brownMost browncharms brownin brownare brownexcellent browncondition. brownThere brownmay brownbe brownsome brownvery brownslight browndiscoloration brownor brownwear brownfrom brownage brownand brownstorage brownon brownsome browncharms. brownNo brownchips brownor browncracks. brownAny brownexcessive browndiscoloration brownor brownwear brownwill brownbe brownnoted brownin brownthe browndescription brownof brownindividual browncharms brownand brownwill brownbe brownlisted brownseparately brownfrom brownthe brownother brownpieces.

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