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vintage, Rare Vintage Masonic 32nd Degree Mason Watch Fob 14K Gold and Enamel FREE SHIPPING! #32MASON-UV1



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Vintage watch14K watchyellow watchgold watchMasonic watch32nd watchDegree watchMason watchwatch watchfob. watchThe watchfront watchtop watchdepicts watchthe watchnumber watch32 watchin watchblack watchenamel watchabove watcha watchdouble watchheaded watcheagle watchwith watchhinged watchfront watchand watchback watchto watchreveal watcha watchMaltese watchcross watchin watchred watchand watchblack watchenamel. watch watchThe watchreverse watchdepicts watcha watchprotractor watchand watchcompasses watchover watchan watcheagle. watch watchIn watchexcellent watchcondition watchwith watchsome watchminor watchenamel watchmissing. watch watchA watchtreasure watchfrom watchthe watchpast watchto watchbe watchtreasured watchin watchyour watchpersonal watchcollection.FREE watchSHIPPING!Details: watch14K watchYellow watchGold: watch(as watchshown watchin watchpicture)EnamelApproximate watchDimensions: watch watch1 watch1/2 watchinch watchx watch1 watchinchTotal watchWeight: watch10.9 watchgramsFREE watchdomestic watchshipping watchby watchUSPS watchPriority watchMail watchand watchincludes watchDelivery watchConfirmation watchand watchinsurance. watchIf watchthe watchitem watchis watchto watchbe watchshipped watchinternationally watchEtsy watchwill watchcalculate watchpostage. watchPlease watchnotify watchus watchat watchpurchase watchif watchyou watchare watchbuying watchmore watchthan watchone watchitem watchand watchwe watchwill watchgladly watchcombine watchshipping.7 watchday watch"no watchhassle" watchreturn watchpolicy watchmoney watchback watchguarantee. watchIf watchfor watchany watchreason watchyou watchare watchnot watch100% watchthrilled watchwith watchyour watchpurchase, watchplease watchcontact watchus watchand watchwe watchwill watchgladly watchaccept watchthe watchitem watchand watchissue watchyou watcha watchfull watchrefund watchupon watchreturn watchof watchthe watchitem. watchWe watchwant watchyou watchto watchbe watchcompletely watchhappy watchwith watchyour watchunique watchpurchase.We watchseek watchout watchthe watchfinest watchgems watchthroughout watchthe watchworld. watchOur watchgem watchbuyer watchis watcha watchGIA watchGraduate watchGemologist watchand watchbuys watchdirectly watchin watchcountries watcharound watchthe watchworld watchsuch watchas watchColombia, watchBrazil, watchIndia, watchSri watchLanka, watchThailand, watchCambodia, watchChina, watchand watchAfrica. watchThese watchexquisite watchgems watchare watchset watchin watchbeautiful watchvintage watchjewelry watchby watchmaster watchbench watchjewelers watchand watchoffered watchas watcha watchone watchof watcha watchkind watchtreasure watchfor watchyour watchcollection.

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