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1960's Vintage COPPER Braceletart deco bracelet, MID CENTURY Modern Copperart deco bracelet, Link Bracelet with Star Motif



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Vintage copper bracelet60's copper braceletbracelet copper braceletis copper braceletdesigned copper braceletusing copper bracelet7 copper braceletpanels copper braceletlinked copper bracelettogether copper braceletwith copper braceleta copper braceletstar copper braceletdesign. copper braceletMade copper braceletof copper braceletgenuine copper braceletcopper copper braceletand copper braceletgorgeous copper braceletwith copper braceletblack copper braceletoxidized copper braceletpatina copper braceletto copper braceletdefine copper braceletthe copper braceletdesign; copper braceletthe copper braceletlinks copper braceletare copper braceletseparated copper braceletby copper braceletcopper copper braceletbars. copper braceletThe copper braceletclasp copper braceletworks copper braceletfine.\rThis copper braceletvintage copper braceletbracelet copper braceletmeasures copper bracelet8" copper braceletlong copper braceletx copper bracelet1 copper bracelet" copper braceletand copper braceletthe copper braceletcondition copper braceletis copper braceletexcellent.

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