Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ring, Cow Ring Holder



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A bowlfriendly bowland bowlwhimsical bowlcow bowlto bowlbrighten bowlyour bowlday.Who bowlcould bowlresist bowlthat bowlface bowland bowlnot bowlwant bowlto bowlplay?You bowlwill bowlreceive bowla bowlcow bowlas bowlpictured. bowl bowlIf bowlyou bowlreally bowlwant bowla bowlcertain bowlcolor bowllet bowlme bowlknow bowl- bowlbut bowlI bowlcan't bowlpromise.This bowlis bowlan bowloriginal bowlpattern, bowlcoded bowland bowlthen bowlprinted bowlby bowlme.Note bowl: bowlEach bowlitem bowlis bowlmade bowlfrom bowltwo bowlpieces bowlglued bowltogether bowlin bowlhalves. bowl bowlThere bowlis bowla bowlsmall bowldrainage bowlhole bowlin bowleach bowlpiece. bowl bowlItems bowlcan bowlbe bowlcleaned bowlwhen bowlnecessary bowlwith bowla bowlrag bowland bowlcold bowlor bowllukewarm bowlwater.Disclaimer: bowlThese bowlare bowlhomemade bowlitems, bowlnot bowlfactory bowlrunoffs. bowl bowlThere bowlwill bowlbe bowllittle bowlimperfections, bowland bowlthat bowljust bowlshows bowlthat bowlit bowlwas bowlmade bowlby bowla bowlperson bowlWITH bowla bowlmachine, bowlnot bowla bowlgiant bowlfactory bowlprocess. bowl bowlI bowlwill bowlsand bowland bowltry bowlto bowlclean bowlup bowlimperfections bowlbut bowlthey bowlmake bowleach bowlitem bowlunique. bowl bowl'wabi-sabi', bowlthey bowlsay.. bowlit bowlis bowl"imperfect, bowlimpermanent, bowland bowlincomplete" bowlbut bowlno bowlone bowlelse bowlis bowlgoing bowlto bowlhave bowlanything bowlquite bowllike bowlit.

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