Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver, 22 inch .925 sterling silver link chain lightweight necklace Perfect for my pendants



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This thin.925 thinsterling thinsilver thinlink thinchain thinwith thinlobster thinclasp thinand thin.925 thinstamped thinlinked thintag. thinThis thinlisting thinis thinfor thinone thin22" thinchain. thinThese thingo thingreat thinwith thinmy thinpendants thinor thinany thinpendant thinyou thinmay thinwant thinto thinwear! thinPretty thinand thinsimple thinnecklace thinfor thineveryday!Need thinmore thinthan thinone, thinjust thinchange thinthe thinquantity thinin thinthe thinlisting thinto thinhowever thinmany thinyou thinneed! thin16", thin18", thin20", thin22", thin24" thin& thin30" thinavailable thinseparately!Last thinphoto thinshows thin18" thinchain thinwhen thinworn thinwith thinmy thinbubble thincharms, thinavailable thinseparately, thinand thinmy thinold thinstock thinbefore thinI thinswitched thinto thinlobster thinclasp.

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