Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Blue frosted glass necklacefrosted glass, Swarovski Crystal Necklace and Tree of Life Necklace



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Blue bluefrosted blueglass bluenecklace bluewith bluesilver bluetone blueApprox blue92cm bluelengthSwarovski blueCrystal blueNecklaceapprox blue45cm bluelength blue(including blueextender) blueand blueTree blueof blueLife blueSilver blueTone blueNecklacePendant blueapprox blue5cm bluediameter blueon bluea blueleatherette bluenecklace blueapprox blue45cm bluelongPrice bluefor bluepostage blueis blueindicative blueand blueonly blueactual blueshipping blueand bluepackaging bluecosts bluewill bluebe bluecharged. blueAny blueoverage bluewill bluebe bluerefunded.Postage bluewithin blueAustralia bluewill bluebe bluevia blueregistered bluepost.The bluepictures blueform bluepart blueof bluethis bluelisting.Customs blueand blueduties bluein bluethe bluedestination bluecountry bluedo bluenot blueform bluepart blueof bluethe blueprice. blueThey blueare bluethe blueresponsibility blueof bluethe bluebuyer.

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