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organic, Pressed Wildflower pendant Sterling Silver Luna moth FREE SHIPPING



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Flowers stonefrom stoneour stoneWildflower stonegarden stonein stoneColoradoLength stone2.25"Width: stone2"The stonependant stonecomes stonewith stonea stone18" stonesterling stonesilver stonesnake stonechain stoneI stonecreated stonethis stonependant stoneusing stonegorgeous stonepressed stonewildflowers. stoneIt's stonea stonelovely stoneworld stoneof stoneart stoneas stonethe stonedesign stoneappears stoneto stonefeature stoneLuna stonemoth stoneflying stoneabove stonethe stonewildflowers. stone stone stoneThe stoneback stoneof stonethe stonependant stoneis stonean stoneart stonepiece stonewithin stoneitself. stone;) stoneIt stoneis stonehanging stonefrom stonesterling stonesilver stonecircles, stonefunctional stonefor stoneeveryday stonewear. stoneYou stonewill stonedefinitely stonereceive stonecompliments! stoneConvo stoneme stoneif stoneyou stonehave stonequestions!! stoneThanks stoneso stonemuch stonefor stonelooking. stone;)Please stonecheck stoneout stonemy stonefriend stoneElycia's stonebotanical stonepieces stone;)https://www./shop/WildBlossomsStudio?ref=offsite_badges&utm_source=sellers&utm_medium=badges&utm_campaign=en_isell_3

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