Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Red Cardinal Necklaceglass enamel, with or without legs



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This whimsical birdis whimsical birda whimsical birdnew whimsical birddesign whimsical birdthat whimsical birdfeatures whimsical birda whimsical birdcolorful whimsical birdred whimsical birdcardinal whimsical birdmade whimsical birdout whimsical birdof whimsical birdglass whimsical birdenamel whimsical birdfused whimsical birdto whimsical birdcopper. whimsical bird whimsical birdThe whimsical birdcharm whimsical birdhangs whimsical birdfrom whimsical birda whimsical birdsterling whimsical birdsilver whimsical birdchain whimsical birdavailable whimsical birdin whimsical bird16", whimsical bird18", whimsical birdor whimsical bird20" whimsical birdlengths. whimsical bird whimsical birdI whimsical birdcouldn't whimsical birddecide whimsical birdwhether whimsical birdor whimsical birdnot whimsical birdto whimsical birdadd whimsical birdlittle whimsical birdlegs, whimsical birdso whimsical birdI whimsical birdmade whimsical birdthem whimsical birdboth whimsical birdways! whimsical bird whimsical birdPlease whimsical birdreference whimsical birdthe whimsical bird2nd whimsical birdphoto whimsical birdto whimsical birdsee whimsical birdhow whimsical birdeach whimsical birdoption whimsical birdlooks whimsical bird:)Please whimsical birdlet whimsical birdme whimsical birdknow whimsical birdif whimsical birdyou whimsical birdhave whimsical birdany whimsical birdquestions, whimsical birdand whimsical birdthank whimsical birdyou whimsical birdfor whimsical birdvisiting whimsical birdmy whimsical birdshop. whimsical bird whimsical birdI whimsical birdcreate whimsical birdevery whimsical birdpiece whimsical birdby whimsical birdhand whimsical birdin whimsical birdmy whimsical birdSavannah, whimsical birdGA whimsical birdstudio.

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